Melissa Phair is an eco conscious, luxury fashion brand that sells timeless wardrobe staples along with luxury statement pieces that can mix and match throughout your wardrobe and throughout the seasons. Each piece so versatile from beach to bar.

This helps to avoid the constant over consumption from our fast fashion environments and dives into a slower, more conscious approach to fashion and to life.

From our heritage collection of resort-wear, we also offer statement dresses and timeless swim wear. Capsule collections for a trans-seasonal wardrobe that is made to be worn over and over again.


Our Founder

Melissa has always had her heart in fashion. She has been travelling the world for over a decade working with luxury private Super Yachts. She is constantly in the most luxurious parts of the world but also spends a lot of time by the beach and therefore needed outfits for every occasion.

Out of this Melissa Phair was born. Timeless wardrobe staples with luxury statement pieces, each piece so versatile from beach to bar. This helps to avoid the constant over-consumption that fast fashion creates and leads consumers into a slower, more conscious approach to both fashion and life.

From eco conscious materials, small batch productions to recycled packaging, We are committed to help create change in our industry.


Our Promise

At Melissa Phair we understand and recognise our responsibility to operate in a manner that not only focuses on sustainablity but also on the well being of all people whom we work with throughout our supply chain.

We have a close working relationship with our factories and guarantee that all of which are audited by SMETA to ensure fair working practices.

As a new brand we are constantly growing and continually learning how to Improve both our products and practices and the effect both have on our environment.

We have started our collections with 100% linen, recycled satin and rayon as our three main fabrics. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable bags inside recyclable cardboard boxes.




Melissa Phair
Founder and Chief Creative Officer